Era.ARTICLES on Lost Islamic History


609 – The First Verses of Quran are Revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

629 – India’s First Masjid is Built in Kerala

630s – Islam Expands Into Syria and Persia, with No Forced Conversions

637 – Jerusalem is Conquered by Muslims, with Religious Rights Preserved For Christians

637 – ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab builds the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

661 – The Kharijis Assassinate ‘Ali in Kufa

699 – 855 – The Lives of Imams Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi’i, and Ahmad

711 – Tariq ibn Ziyad Leads Armies into the Iberian Peninsula

800s – Ziryab Became a Cultural Icon in the Iberian Peninsula

832 – The House of Wisdom Is Established, With al-Khawarizmi Studying Math There

833 – Beginning of the Mihna, a Period of Mu’tazili Oppression of Orthodox Theology

846 – Imam al-Bukhari Compiles Sahih al-Bukhari

859 – Fatima al-Fihri Founds the First University

900s – Al-Zahrawi Revolutionizes Surgery

1021 – Ibn al-Haytham Writes The Book of Optics

1031 – The Caliphate of Cordoba Falls

1095 – Imam al-Ghazali Writes The Incoherence of the Philosophers

1099 – Jerusalem Is Conquered by Crusaders

1187 – Salah al-Din Liberates Jerusalem

1258 – The Mongols Destroy Baghdad

1299 – The Ottoman Empire is Founded

1324 – Mansa Musa Goes to Hajj

1326 – Ottoman Sultan Orhan Begins Using Tughras

1377 – Ibn Khaldun Writes The Muqaddimah

1400 – The Sultanate of Malacca is Founded

1405 – Zheng He Leads His First Expedition

1453 – The Ottomans Conquer Constantinople

1453 – Mehmed II Institutes the Millet System in the Ottoman Empire

1492 – The Last Muslim Kingdom of al-Andalus Falls

1492 – Columbus Sails to America, Hundreds of Years After Muslims

1520 – Suleyman Kanuni becomes the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

1574 – Mimar Sinan Built the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne

1609 – The Final Expulsion of Spain’s Muslims

1630 – Hezarafen Ahmed Çelebi Completes the World’s First Intercontinental Flight

1659 – Aurangzeb’s Reign Begins in India

1700s/1800s – The Decline of the Ottoman Empire

1776 – Muslims Helped Cause the American Revolution

1802 – Bilali Muhammad Arrives at Sapelo Island, Georgia

1835 – Muslim Slaves in Brazil Revolt

1842 – Afghanistan Defeats a British Occupation

1861 – France Dictates the Creation of Modern Lebanon

1876 – Abdülhamid II Becomes Sultan/Caliph of the Ottoman Empire

1910s – Britain Divides Up the Arab Middle East

1916 – The Arab Revolt Begins

1920 – Britain Draws the Borders of Modern Iraq, Creating Sectarian Divisions

1923 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Establishes the Secular Republic of Turkey

1948 – Over 700,000 Palestinians Become Refugees in the Nakba



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